Collection: John Lowrie Morrison (JOLOMO) Art Prints

John Lowrie Morrison (JOLOMO), is well known for his paintings of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.  His love of places such as The Isle of Mull, Iona, Islay, Ghigha and Harris is evident in his work, these are all represented in his distinctive style.  His oil paintings are exquisitely replicated in these framed art prints, all of which are handmade in our UK workshop.

JOLOMO"s original oil paintings are executed using both brushes and pallet knives, giving them a heavy texture, and this depth is still evident in the prints,  Bursting with colour and vibrancy, the stunning scenery of the West Coast of Scotland comes alive in this collection.

Each piece will be meticulously hand made in our UK workshop by our experienced framers in your chosen frame, the final result being a stunning piece of wall art to elevate your living space.